We are experts on developing immersive and interactive experiences for events, brand activations and museums.


Virtual reality, augmented reality, holograms, interactive installations, videomapping and 4D rooms are examples of what our working animals produce everyday.


We’re working animals. Different species that fight over sports, argue about music and criticize each other’s dietary habits. But there’s something that brings us all together.

Passion. For technology. For innovation. For experiences. For delivering great results.

Luís Agrellos

Managing Partner


“I know it all and my rotating head helps me see it all!”

Arthur Trejger

Country manager Brazil


“I love to communicate with humans. When I'm not eating bananas.”

José Menezes

Financial Director


“I ruminate numbers to exhaustion. I’m also very easily irritable.”

Patrícia Salgado

Key Account Manager


“I'm white on black... Straightforward and effective. ”

Miguel Poção

Motion Designer


“I’m constantly torn between “carpe diem” and “hakuna matata”.”

Benedita Ribeiro

2D | Motion Designer


“I leap between projects. At Easter, I work overtime."

Pedro Davis

Motion Designer | Post-Production

Highland bull

“Pixels or pounds? Well... the more the merrier."

José Maria Carvalho

Operational Coordinator


“I do not just walk the extra mile, I fly over the seas.”

Martim Pessanha

Managing Partner | Country

Manager Angola

Sable Antelope

“I’m a national symbol of Angola but you don’t need to bow.”

João Luís

Key Account Manager


“I carry projects from deserts to oasis. And I spit when threathened.”

Raquel Matos

Key Account Manager

Desert fox

“Nothing escapes me. I practically hear the client's thoughts.”

Fábio Fernandes

Art | Creative Director

Hammer Shark

“I’m a (hydro)dynamic creative. I feel most doors are too narrow.”

César Castro

3D Artist


“I have an eye for detail. I pretend I’m Vitória to get into events.”

António Almeida

Creative Coder


“I’m not slow, I just give every line of code the attention it deserves.”

Carlos Ferreira

AV Technician


“Heavy work is my thing. Nose job? Never crossed my mind.”